Data Analytics

Brean Strategic Advisors has developed proprietary and secure technology to help companies in diverse industries ranging from finance to healthcare house, host, enrich, interrogate and analyze complex data.  We are engaged to develop customized solutions for applications ranging from a point of sale portal to a data warehouse for a prospective transaction or interface for counterparties to vet prospective whole loan purchases. 

Our team of developers earned their chops on Wall Street, developing rigorous technology to support derivative, mortgage and security trading and analytics.  The complexity of the challenges presented by derivative pricing and mortgage loan data prepared the team well to address the needs of clients across industries. 

Among Brean Strategic Advisors’s representative mandates are:

  • Build inventory and point of sale system for regulated firm.  Track physical inventory and sales.
  • Track security inventory and characteristics for broker-dealer.  Forecast performance and total return of securities in inventory and create “tearsheets” which can be given to prospective buyers. 
  • Ingest millions of documents ranging from images, chat transcripts, spreadsheets and emails to Power Points, transform into OCR text searchable PDFs with Boolean search interface.
  • Systems integration.  Aggregate data housed across Microsoft, Oracle, SAS, spreadsheets and other databases into a single database and develop portal to search and analyze data.
  • Develop loan origination, underwriting and pricing portal for a top 50 bank. 
    • The tool enables a loan officer to price a loan based on a pricing matrix developed in partnership between Brean Strategic Advisors and the client and informed by observed performance across the universe of securitized loans and calibrated to the bank’s historical experience and risk tolerance.
    • Collect, ingest and securely store the requisite documents such as statements, tax returns, appraisals and other supporting documentation.
  • Build data room for transactional due diligence.
  • Create portal for review, stratification and analysis of whole loan portfolios.  

System and Data Integration

Our team is familiar with all manner of databases and systems.  Our team is well versed in various development and programming languages ranging from C++ and Ajax to Java and Python.  We are highly qualified to develop new solutions or integrate existing databases and systems.  

Contexts where Brean Strategic Advisors can be of assistance include:

  • Financial institutions which have grown rapidly via acquisitions and have many databases (some in SAS, others Oracle SQL and still other Microsoft SQL) need a new database with all loans and instruments.
  • Financial institutions with subsidiaries which use different asset-liability management solutions and want to use a single core solution going forward.
  • Firms across industries with data housed in inconsistently formatted spreadsheets and databases over time and want to have a single system going forward.

Departure of key database administrator or internal information technology professional developer renders data inaccessible to business executives.  Going forward, management wants to maintain and access the data via an intuitive portal which does not require personnel with technical expertise. 

Loan Origination and Underwriting System

Brean Strategic Advisors has developed a loan origination and underwriting portal which combines each client’s unique footprint, risk appetite and technology with our consumer and mortgage credit expertise. 

When engaged to build a loan origination and underwriting portal, the first step in our process is to understand what types of loan products our client currently offers, the historical performance on the existing portfolio and what, if any, new products the client is interested in offering. Brean Strategic Advisors will pay particular attention to the performance of the existing portfolio, as reflected in our Loan Portfolio Analysis tool, because the prepayment speeds and default frequency will inform profitability and loan pricing. 

Next, Brean Strategic Advisors combines the client’s insight into their own customer base with data culled from the securitized universe and our experience working with similarly situated clients and trading loans and related securities to optimize a pricing framework.  Among other factors, we will take into consideration our client’s risk appetite and target return thresholds as well as the market implied and consensus forecasted probabilities of various interest rate and home price scenarios.  The result will be an option-adjusted pricing framework the client can then maintain and update to optimize loan pricing.

Once a pricing framework is in place, Brean Strategic Advisors has technology to optimize loan origination and underwriting.  A key objective will be to make sure the requisite data is captured, normalized across the portfolio and available for use in subsequent risk modeling.  Key documents are also retained for underwriting and, to the extent necessary for securitization, re-underwriting.  Our tool is tailored to the organizational structure of each client.  For example, some clients may want a centralized tool with permissions which face borrowers and contract underwriters whereas other clients may want access limited to an origination underwriter and supervisor. 

Dox e-Discovery Solution

Brean Strategic Advisors, LLC has been engaged by litigants ranging from Fortune 500 firms to asset managers and their outside counsel at AmLaw 100 firms and premier litigation boutiques to prepare for, process, streamline and synthesize discovery.  Our DOX e-Discovery solution is used to host, enrich, privilege log, produce, review, tag and classify millions of files.  We leverage a combination of proprietary technology and industry expertise to distill production spanning millions of documents into the few hundred most relevant to the litigation.

Our eDiscovery tools are particularly adept at exploiting spreadsheet production.  Traditionally, spreadsheet production has been ignored or one person has reviewed one file at a time.  This type of analysis is inherently subject to arbitrary delineations in the data such as the time at which the file was created.  The original organization of the data may not be the most efficient organization for our purposes in litigation, so we reorganize it.  For example: File 1 was made on Monday and File 2 was made on Tuesday and each would be reviewed separately under the existing paradigm.  The information in each file on a standalone basis may not be particularly meaningful, but when looking at 200 days of this same information consecutively it may tell a very compelling story and a story which has not been discussed by the team thus far.  In Brean Strategic Advisors’s DOX environment, one person can search across more meaningful groups, such as proprietary trading and inventory.

The sharp uptick of interest in Brean Strategic Advisors’s support with litigation discovery is an outgrowth of our clients’ frustration with existing processes, tools and providers.  Clients feel their current review processes are inefficient.  Clients pay millions of dollars to review, by hand, types of documents which can be classified more efficiently.  These include prospectus supplements and broker-dealer research.  Preliminary human reviews which result in classifications such as “Relevant,” “Irrelevant” and “Hot” in combination with a handful of tags which fail to advance the client’s understanding of what was or is going to be produced or its relevance to the litigation.  Clients also complain more resources are devoted to defensively classifying and reviewing the ~90% of the production which is irrelevant and/or useless than defensively preparing for or offensively exploiting the less than 1% of documents upon which the outcome of the litigation hinges.

When Brean Strategic Advisors is engaged, the objective is to perform a more value-added review.  Specifically, clients want to free up more resources to prepare for and assess the implications of problematic documents to be produced or exploit documents which undermine their adversary’s claims.  Also, our clients appreciate Brean Strategic Advisors’s ability to identify documents which can be dispensed with as irrelevant without any human review.  This frees up more resources for value added review of the most relevant documents.

Brean Strategic Advisors welcomes the chance to demonstrate the capabilities of the DOX e-Discovery platform to you and your firm.

Data Normalization and Scrubbing

Perhaps one of the most persistent problems encountered by clients is data stored in various spreadsheets and databases which accumulates over time in disparate formats.  This data may suffer from defects which render it unusable, such as missing values or inconsistencies between the use of percentages and integers or data reported in different column headers. 

Brean Strategic Advisors regularly works with massive data sets spanning terabytes of data over time.  With a combination of proprietary technology and a team skilled at ingesting data, writing default assumptions and normalizing data, Brean Strategic Advisors has proven adept at building clean, enriched aggregate datasets.  We recognize the importance of mapping the data back to the original source file and disclosing all assumptions used to create the aggregate tape. 

Going forward, we offer our clients a framework to update data in a way seamless to them.  For example, we might make an Excel template spreadsheet with detailed instructions available to prospective clients and enable them to upload the template directly to the Brean Strategic Advisors portal.