Brean Strategic Advisors LLC supports banks and other regulated entities with regulatory risk reporting, loan and security portfolio composition, loss forecasting, data analysis and aggregation and litigation.  We are brought in to assist with mandates ranging from regulatory stress testing and transactional due diligence to onboarding, rendering and hosting millions of files and preparing expert witness reports for complex litigation.  Our client roster spans money center banks subject to the Federal Reserve’s CCAR stress testing regime to credit unions and federal home loan banks.

Market Expertise

Our team is differentiated by market expertise. We have traded tens of billions of securities, loans and derivatives. We are currently mandated to analyze the composition of and forecast performance for billions of dollars in loans and securities, vet prospective transactions and identify opportunities to optimize our clients' investment portfolio and loan origination. Our personal experience is augmented by the ability to tap the insights of our colleagues at Brean Capital, LLC for real-time color about market conditions.

A Strong Platform

We are an affiliate of Brean Capital, LLC, a leading broker-dealer with a 40 year track record, a $1 billion+ balance sheet and full service sales and trading, research, asset management and investment banking. The broker-dealer is an underwriter for the Federal Home Loan Bank's Office of Finance and a mortgage trading counterparty of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The firm's secondary market fixed income trading prowess, especially in passthroughs and CMOs, is complemented by our role as a leading issuer in asset classes such as reverse mortgage.

Proprietary Technology

We have a team of developers who have built best in class proprietary data analytics and tools to support clients with loan and investment portfolio analysis, regulatory stress testing and loss forecasting. Our Loan Portfolio Analysis tool ingests historical loan portfolio performance and reports prepayment speeds and default frequency over time. Users can also dynamically stratify their loans into custom groups by characteristics such as refreshed FICO scores and home price-indexed loan-to-value ratios. The Investment Portfolio Analysis tool reports risk sensitivities and total return across various interest rate scenarios. We identify securities which underperform across scenarios. We detail the portfolio's composition and forecasted performance across sector and duration buckets. Our DOX discovery solution is a complete platform to review, host, privilege log and produce materials in litigation. Our tool is particularly adept at analyzing spreadsheet production. Finally, we have been engaged by clients in industries far afield from finance to analyze and stratify big data sets.